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Another great service Evergreen offers is event consulting and process improvement reviews. Here Evergreen will work with your team to review the process and practices for your current meetings to find efficiencies and cost saving opportunities. We will work with you and budget to maximize your spending. 

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Process Review

Evergreen will sit down with you and review the process and procedures for your events to find places to open up your workflow.

Budget Review

Evergreen will maximize your ROI by reviewing your past spending, current budget, and event goals. 

Staffing Review

Evergreen will identify areas for improvement along with training opportunities that will lead to professional growth for your meetings and teams. 

Provider Review

Evergreen will review your current vendors and review their support of your events. We will work with you to draft more detailed RFPs for future business. 

Venue Review

Evergreen will review your current contracts and work with you to understand where you would like to take your meetings. Then we will draft a RFP that aligns with your events goals. 

Technology Review

Evergreen will review your different platforms and will provide feedback on usage and quality for attendees and staff. 

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